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People ask me all the time, "What time of year does the sun line up with the Calla Lily groove at Garrapata State Beach." Well here's your answer. I captured this image on the evening of March 14, 2008. Canon 1DsMKIII, 16-35mmL @ f/11, 1/3rd second, ISO 100, Singh-Ray thin LB Polarizer, Singh-Ray 2 stop soft-edge GND Image tonality balanced with Nik Viveza 2 (16 total control points).
Tiffany LaMott
that is gorgeous
валерия назарова
Indya Cooper
That's so pretty you are amazing a taking photos. I love it.WOW
Bronwyn Kulla
I agree, Tiffany!
suria gruvia
ndut elek
asep febri handhani febri
Saparudin Sinaga
thanks....for love my friends.
Victòria Jorba
es molt maco
alba rosario lopez paz
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