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"nice head"
Matt Pinner
"I'll be djing with it at First Friday 10/07 5pm-9pm at body alive yoga 1995 Main Street 2nd floor."
Ben Ward
"That is fantabulous. Very, very cool."
Doug Nelson
"Try higher pressure-- with the O-ring about 3/4 of the way back. It also looks like the egg isn't quite indexed into the egg cups-- so it might twist while turning."
Windell Oskay
"I think that is what the banks used to sign off on all the mortgages and titles. Eggs=better."
Brian Thomas
"Ohh, the sound is so cool!"
Erin RobotGrrl
"Scotty increase power on dilithium crystal bank 4 and jump to warp5"
cole santos
"it's because I was viewing this pic when I made that comment. I don't know why it took a pic out of the album."
Craig Smith
"I dont know why it chose that pic. It is not the first in order when viewing/organizing album in Picasa. How do you set the representative picture?"
Jerry Isdale
"not the most flattering photo you had :)"
Ben Ward
"Yes 8020. And after Ben built it, we received our 8020 catalog (HUGE tome!) and a bunch of "Built with 8020" booklets. We've got em scattered around the work area now to inspire people. I'm interested to see how 8020 works with the MakerSlide via Kickstarter for our larger cnc project. Small cnc parts due any day."
Jerry Isdale
"That looks like 8020 :) Very nice setup!"
Craig Smith
"Bet they liked all the free paint next door. Can't wait to add to this."
Christopher Kasak
"My daughter and I love these. I am HIve13 and I also approve of that art ;)"
Craig Smith
"Love this! Wow."
MJ Maelstrom
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