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"My sweet forever boy."
L Cagle
"OK, we're in total agreement on the WTB. The only thing it has going for it is none of us would mind if it were stolen. And since I don't have a saddle lock at the moment, I offer it up every time I park. ;-)

The WTB will end up on one of the bikes I rebuild and abandon somewhere. In fact, I'm a set of brake cables and a pair of cheap pedals away from setting another bike free. Now I have an excuse to buy the B67 sooner."
Chris Baskind
"The same WTB came on my Surly Cross Check, I replaced immediately with a B17 and moved the WTB to my 1984 Gitane, which is the bike I rode from Sarasota to Boca Grande in Florida last week. Pretty sure the WTB saddle is the root cause for the hot foot, sore knees and sore ass I suffered on that 76 mile ride.

Planning to upgrade the Cross Check saddle from B17 to Team Pro and move the B17 to the Gitane. And move the WTB to the trash."
Ben Folsom
"+Ben Folsom Yes it did, and it sucks. Good for an hour or so, and then things get uncomfortable. I'm actually about to play musical chair with the bikes. My Raleigh Sprite will get a comfy new B67. Its brown B17 (and matching bar wrap) goes to the LHT, and the black B17 will end up where it started.

+Valeria Maltoni Yup, that fountain splatters everywhere. Not a good use of treated water, but it feels good on a hot day. ;-)"
Chris Baskind
"I am in love with this bike. Except for the incredibly uncomfortable saddle you have there. Bet it came off the LHT."
Ben Folsom
"that's a big puddle."
Valeria Maltoni
"There was, indeed, evidence of bad behavior to be found, just beyond a casual view from the highway. It was rideable on my fat tires, but just barely. Had to duck to avoid low-hanging branches."
Chris Baskind
"I like this shot. The road seems mysterious, like if you have the brass to roll down it you might meet with adventure.

Or pirates.

Or both."
Asher Taylor
"A little blurry, since I snapped it while moving. ;-)"
Chris Baskind
"Sorry, paddle shifters as in integrated brake lever-shifters, standard Shimano-SRAM stuff. I ride so much on commute and am so comfortable on the bike, I want less effort, since I fairly well bang on the gears. My road bike (Specialized Tarmac) has paddle shifters and I have gotten used to them on that bike.

Surly claim they are using the bar end shifters for a reason on these bikes, the LHT for touring, as you at a more constant pace and are not banging on the shifters on furious climbs or sprints, and the Cross Check for cyclocross because they are simpler and survive better in the elements.

I think it is a cost issue (the bar ends being cheaper than the integrated brake lever-shifters) and possibly a compatibility issue, I am having a hard time getting a straight answer to the question, Are caliper brake levers (like Shimano-SRAM) compatible with cantilever brakes (like LHT-CrosssCheck)? The mechanical advantage is different between the two and I cannot get a definitive yes/no on whether they are still in bounds.

When I upgrade the Tarmac from SRAM Apex to SRAM Force this summer, I will have a spare set of integrated levers lying around, so I think that is when I will strip the Surly's handlebar and experiment."
Ben Folsom
"By paddle shifters, do you mean thumb shifters, brake lever shifters, or downtube shifters? The downtube is my other favorite place for levers. On a drop bar bike, I want to keep the cockpit clear for the most hand positions. I prefer the simplicity of brake levers that are just levers, though I know a lot of people have never shifted any other way."
Chris Baskind
"I found the bar end shifters to be easy to use for the first two thousand miles (2011 Surly Cross Check, this bike's big brother), then once I became one with the bike I found it annoying, paddle shifters are coming once I work out some logistical issues, likely this summer."
Ben Folsom
"Definitely. I have to pay attention to my knees as I stand in the pedals. Otherwise, they're right at hand."
Chris Baskind
"That is a different use of bar end shifters. Are they easy to use in that position?"
Chris Olson
"Big ole truck. ;-)"
Chris Baskind