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"Howdy Chuck, That's because there is no wind in the glass case.

The principle of the true junk rig is that the sails are perfectly flat. However there are two points of support ... the mast and the sheetlets at the back of the sail. So as both points are near the front and back edges of the sail .. as the wind blows the sail becomes deeper between those points as the battens bend.

Just like standing on a plank with its ends on two saw horses.

The "modern junk" without sheetlets and with a boom added is simply a balance lug with an asiatic outline. It doesn't work in the same way as the true junk here.

Michael Storer
"Hyprocracy! And I see they don't pay much attention to airfoils either."
Chuck Leinweber
"Except for Gondolas!"
Michael Storer
"I'm delighted with the genius - the simplicity, consistency, functionality! Off center masts are very interesting and logical (probably never invented it in Europe - Europe is a "symmetric") :-)))"
Robert Hoffman
"this boat is a daydream though .. it is imagining what the great treasure fleet would have been like. I think it is probably more accurate than versions of Noah's Ark ... but I don't think there is any hard evidence."
Michael Storer
"It was like a cityscape almost. There is a nice trick ... the photos look terrible out of the plan window. But increase the darkness/shadow and the picture is revealed. I think most photographers know about this. That if you take a photo of a reflection ... and lighten the photo you see the reflection better. But if you darken it you see what is behind the window better.

This looked really terrible before I played with it!"
Michael Storer
"Indeed spectacular..."
Araya Sununkingpet
"haha. Well, I am back in Australia now! Is there an interview. Hope they don't mind me using cheap cameras!"
Michael Storer
"Very nice picture Mick !!! Would you like to work in the AFP? I would be your editor... :-) Cheers."
Daniel Caselli

"is the topic of the writing important to your feeling Jennifer, or is it the composition?"
Michael Storer
"Wow.........this one is cool."
"I've been here once long time ago."
"It was. I would have shared it, but nobody was there except me."
Michael Storer