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"This image is different from Image One by a factor of 8.0/4.5 from changing the aperture

The expected depth of field is 16.9mm * 8/4.5 = 30.0mm. 42.5mm when multiplied by the square root of two.

See Image 1 for more details on the calculations."
Josefine Kvist
"This image has a wide aperture of f/4.5 (N), the minimum allowable aperture for the zoom of 17.3mm (f). The object distance is 609mm (U).

The sensor size if 6.17*4.55mm. The image size is 4000*3000pixels. 4.55/3000 = 0.001516 is the circle of confusion for the image (C).

The expected depth of field is 16.9mm based on 2*C*N*U^2 / f^2. 23.92 when multiplied by the square root of two to take into account the angle of the ruler."
Josefine Kvist
"This is the setup I used for Part I of the assignment. The sensor was 2 feet (609mm) away from the 7cm mark on the ruler."
Josefine Kvist
"This is an image of a a rope on a metal pole in the cactus garden.

I had a zoom of 5.6mm and an aperture of f/3.1. I was considering cropping the image but really wanted to keep the whole blurred yellow flower on the left and the whole rope on the right. The lines of the rope continue the yellow of the flower.

Meets requirement 2 and 5."
Josefine Kvist
"This is an image of a flower in the cactus garden.

I wanted to get close with a zoom of 5mm, the aperture was f/3.1. I wanted a very narrow depth of field with only the flower in focus.

I cropped the image and increased the saturation.

Meets requirements 2 and 4."
Josefine Kvist
"This is an image of the plant in the cactus graden.

The zoom was at 17mm and the aperture was f/4.5 to really focus on one branch.

I cropped the image slightly to have the purple flowers and the blurred branch in front to frame it.

Meets requirements 2 and 4."
Josefine Kvist
"This is an image of a berry on a bush outside of the gates building.

I used a zoom of 12.2mm to be able to get a bit further from the berry and capture more of the surroundings. I was trying to capture a red triangle of the three focused berries. The aperture was set at f/8.

I cropped the image to get rid of a little bit of the background.

Meets requirements 1 and 4."
Josefine Kvist
"This was taken of a bug sitting on a plant in the cactus garden.

To take the picture I zoomed out the camera, I couldn't get very close. The zoom was at 12.2mm, the aperture was f/8 to focus the depth of field to cover the bug but not much else.

I increased the saturation in photoshop and I cropped the image the uncenter the bug.

Meets requirements 2 and 3."
Josefine Kvist
"These are great. You're so good at bad photography :)"
Sarah Falconer
"Also meets requirement 1. Underdeveloped."
Josefine Kvist
"This is a small frog in a pond full of green algae.

This image is underexposed with a short shutter speed and a small aperture. 1/500 seconds and f/6.3. The low ISO for the image is 100.

These effects make the daytime photo of a nice swimming frog look creepy.

Meets Requirement 1."
Josefine Kvist
"This image is of a nice yellow but slightly cloudy sunset...

It is a more closeup of the white balance being thrown off. This image also uses the tungsten light setting.

Meets requirement 4."
Josefine Kvist
"This is the early stage of a sunset.

In this image I played around with the white balance settings. This image used the tungsten light setting to distort the coloring of the image.

Meets requirement 4."
Josefine Kvist
"This image is of a nice tulip. It's dead center in the image standing straight up. The angles of the garden box and the horizon are off.

Meets requirement 5."
Josefine Kvist
"This blurry barn and its surroundings were created with a similar effect as the Blurry Flowers. I focused in on the grass below my feet and proceded to move the camera up as the whole image came out of focus.

Meets requirement 3."
Josefine Kvist