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"Delishous lookin pizza with all that toppins and a beautiful crust wish I was there you guys could roll the camera while I eat lol"
delroy gayle
"I'm a software engineer, not a mechanical engineer... :)"
Vincent Mo
"NEVER underestimate the Prius!"
Mary Kincaid
"True! Turning was exciting too. But when we went uphill, I had to hold onto the planks so they wouldn't slide out the back!"
Vincent Mo
"Vincent, I thought the fun was not only uphills, but turning... I would not have wanted to be a cyclist when you took a turn! WHACK !!"
Luca de Alfaro
"Shoulda been an easy trip what with all of the Prius' torque ;P"
Garrett Broadnax
"Well, you could have two one-way zip lines, tilted in opposite ways... and then try with sand bags to experiment with "terminal velocity" :) !!
How did you go from one side to the other? Pulling the rope with your hands?"
Luca de Alfaro
"hello!! how is today"
biodun mubarak
"while you don't call me"
biodun mubarak
"+Brian Keesbury sure, feel free!"
Vincent Mo
"It's... It's BEAUTIFUL!"
Shaquanna Monk
"This cracks me up. Typical. In fact, it's too good not to share. Nice DOF on that pepperoni! :)"
Ron Bearry
"amazing view!"
Daphne Gan
"+Dave Cohen is that a GoPro type action capture camera on your helmet? Will be awesome to watch those videos...!
+Vincent Mo: impressive picture for a mobile phone capture!"
Ranjit Bhalerao
"+Timothy Choi I think this photo is good mainly because of good lighting.

My Nexus S's camera is also capable of getting great photos when the lighting is good :)"
Eka Wirya
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