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"+Chris Brent that's Henry Wu who only raced 35+Bs

He did pull up in a sweet GT3 with roof rack sporting his niner (pictured) and a Speedvagen cx (

I think you'll see his latest single speed CX ride this weekend ;-)"
Greg Tsutaoka
"Did this guy race C's and M35+ B's??"
Chris Brent
"+Dave Blizard"
Jason Thorpe
"Cross Face!"
Fred Jaboffo
"+jason thorpe on the left"
Eric Sorenson
"hey that's me, apparently in mid-exhale... thanks!"
Eric Sorenson
"Boom, +andrew cathcart with the holeshot"
Eric Sorenson
"lil cx racer @ basp#2: sierra point"
Greg Tsutaoka
"Oh! That was you. Nice to meet you. They did 4th & 6th out of 9, both were pretty happy with that. We had to leave for their lacrosse practice, both said they wished they could have stayed. Yeah, maybe Sierra Point. Family calendar is complicated lately..."
Morgan Fletcher
"+Morgan Fletcher i bumped into @ the beginning of the junior race. how'd your son and his buddy end up? see you at sierra point"
Greg Tsutaoka
"Thanks. Say hi at the next race! Will do the same. Didn't think I'd race cx this season, but my boy and his buddy dug it, so I'll be back."
Morgan Fletcher
"+Morgan Fletcher sorry to hear about the flat, impressive effort none the less!"
Greg Tsutaoka
"Thanks! Wish I could have held it. Rear tire went flat with one to go, right before the stairs."
Morgan Fletcher
"Dude, that's like the most awesomest video evar!!!!"
David Cheung
"+Jason Anderson your GoPro video is awesome!"
Greg Tsutaoka