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"Sunt excelente, mi-am umplut gura de saliva"
Emmanuel P
"Nu se servesc dec√Ęt calde"
Cosmin Dordea
"SI EU VREAU, cu varza"
Sebastian Rus
"I'm studying oolong for almost two years now and I keep finding stuff. It never ends."
Cosmin Dordea
"you found the good stuff :-)"
Tony Gebely
"Super tare organizarea"
negrea marian
Heiko Herold
"Ah. I intentionally brew it in a separate bowl so I could obtain this. Pouring and low water temperature is the reason usually. In gaiwan, you would eventually get it right even if not from the first infusion."
Cosmin Dordea
"Hi, incorrect wording on my part. What I meant is: what do you think was the (main) reason for this? Didn't steep enough, water temperature too low, water cooled too much during steeping or other? Thanks."
Heiko Herold
"Leaf on the left is fully expanded , while the one on the right not. It's still partially rolled. Having the leaf expanded translates in a full and consistent release of the flavor."
Cosmin Dordea
"Right is incorrectly infused how ? Which kind of error(s)? Help us learn please :)"
Heiko Herold
"Good idea. With guests I either end up with lightly oxidized oolong in teapot or rarely use with greens in a big glass gaiwan and make a big mess while pouring :)"
Heiko Herold
"I also do that most often. Just wanted to try this one out as I saw it in a tea house in Barcelona. Useful when you have guests."
Cosmin Dordea
"I always just drink from the big glass and try to not eat too much leaves :-)"
Heiko Herold