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"u should give me the recipe looks good....."
Monica Pulido
"oui tu est jolie ! wooaawww"
Armand Buchs
"Reebok rules!"
Alex Jordan
"Love the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference"
Marc Cox
"And your dash lights should be black and light up black when something black happens.

What a fun car."
Chris DiBona
"Oops. Missed a spot. You need some black chrome. "
J Agnew
"why? this shoes nice what? im wearing adidas bounce, quit comfort"
Ryandavid sbs
"I dislike this"
Alex Jordan
"nice shoes ~~~"
Ryandavid sbs
"I hope Google is reading this thread...but again they are probably out of touch with consumer needs and won't care about what us little guys think."
Keith Win
"+Malcolm Odita I'm an end user and an observer of what's going on. I do know this; if CyanogenMOD has the driver sources they need, they'd build releases from ASOP in about 2 months. These guys are professional grade ROM developers. My point is, if CM can produce custom ROMs, via reverse engineering, for ~40+ Android devices as enthusiasts, in a timely manor, and nail it without major issues, what excuses do any hardware manufactures have? Manufactures are getting it wrong when devices hit the market and/or the end user in form of an update. Its at this point we have to wait another 6 years, in phone years, in hopes the next release will solve problems. Don't get me wrong, I really do like Android and with 850,000 Activation's per day show's someone is doing something right, but they can do much better if we have vanilla Android and timely updates/enhancements with hardware lasting longer than 1/2 the life of at 2 year contract with the carriers."
Rob Lopes
"+Rob Lopes what about getting it to work on different hardware + certification? I read that these were the two longest parts of updating a phone :/"
Malcolm Odita
"Poor Éclair :("
Joe Simpson
"+Ryan O'Neill I hear you.... I still have my Nexus One, which still runs really well with CM7 as an alarm clock while I use the HTC Rezound loaded with bloatware. The leaked functional test ROM for it is 624MB. Which means there's about ~500MB of added stuff that comes with it. It should be the user who goes to the Market and grab what they want.

Here's what I would propose to the smartphone makers: Allow our provider (Verizon, ATT, TMO, Sprint) to charge $5 per month that goes directly to the hardware manufacture to keep the OS current for a min of 3 years from production date. There's absolutely no incentive for them to roll-out upgrades. They already made their money and anything after that becomes an additional cost. This same problem exists with Android Market Apps, there's no incentive to keep upgrading apps...... Have a revenue stream that works for both the developer and the end users. Bottom line is to be fair and everyone stays happy."
Rob Lopes
"They should just climb up the back side of it. If they've been paying attention."
Alan Skelley
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