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"The problem , as i believe that there are some users that use Gmail but don't use G+ and vice versa.
but it is applicable and as a Google fan i support such design. thanks for sharing."
Anas El Abboud
"+Ralf Haring I think it really comes down to easing people into new paradigms. It's funny that collections use folder icons but act just like labels. So, it's really the label paradigm disguised as folders and given a different name entirely.

Personally, I think they went with the more generic "collections" name so that if/when other services were rolled into it, we wouldn't end up with similar but conflicting/confusing names. For instance, when you have a bunch of emails grouped together, it's known as a label (from Gmail). However, when you have a bunch of videos grouped together, it's a playlist. When you have a bunch of songs or photos grouped together, it's an album. When you have a bunch of miscellaneous files grouped together, it's a folder. Everyone has been dealing with these different names for grouping different types of media together, and "collections" is a new term that could apply to all of these.

Perhaps it will become more obvious once Google Drive is finally released."
Peter Sitterly
"I always found it odd that Docs went with "collections" when "labels" was so clearly established from gmail."
Ralf Haring
"This is what I was imagine would come next. Of course I think that once this happens, Docs will be called Drive.

On an unrelated note, I find it interesting that in your region it's called "Bin" whereas it is "Trash" in mine."
Peter Sitterly
"Yeah, with the new design it somehow seems an obvious way to go. Problem with Google is they don't always go for the obvious heh."
Gerwin Sturm
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