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"The latest incarnation of legendary environmentalist John Muir appeared at Mount Oread's Ecumenical Campus Ministry (ECM) center on Monday evening, October 17th, at [7:30 p.m.]. Rev. Don Baldwin, former Resident Minister in Yosemite, was on campus to present a spirited, first-person dramatization, “John Person!”"
Bob-RJ Burkhart
"Crafting No Child Left Inside (NCLI) ARTifacts for adaptive outdoor recreation &quot;Eco-Challenges&quot; <br />Empower consequential learning for &quot;Know Your Wilderness Inquiry Zones&quot; (WIZ) <br />Our &quot;Trails-n-Tails&quot; (TnT) theme:<br />[A] Reflects actionable distilled insights (WIZdom) for &quot;EarthSea-Keeping&quot; group activities [B] Builds on FutureThought Leadership experiences with blended &quot;Visual Learning&quot; hyperportals [C] Creates sharable community stewardship stories about &quot;geoWIZard&quot; MentorshipART ... Rev: 25-Jan-2009"
Bob-RJ Burkhart
"If you’re feeling stressed out, burned-out, or just plain bummed out, then get in your car and head west in the direction of the National Geographic Scenic Byway and the Kansas Flint Hills. Named one of 200 scenic drives in the nation, and the only one in Kansas, by National Geographic’s Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways, the route runs for 84 miles meandering from Manhattan to Cassoday, through a region of rounded limestone hills covered with bluestem prairie ..."
Bob-RJ Burkhart
"SBK7-pg102,38.95537,-95.08012,831,10/08/2011,13:02:06,Pascal Fish Ferry Crossing<br />BJCrossing,38.92074,-95.13308,813,10/07/2011,10:40:42,1969 N 1250th Rd :: Eudora, KS 66025<br />SIBLYVILLE,38.88417,-95.19553,820,10/08/2011,13:18:00,SIBLEYVILLE<br />SBK13-p105,38.83362,-95.26113,1114,10/08/2011,13:36:37,Narrows<br />SBK15-p105,38.83283,-95.29676,1092,10/08/2011,13:43:00,Willow Springs"
Bob-RJ Burkhart
"TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time<br />TOPO! GPS Route,1846Mil-Road<br />SBK1-pg100,39.35563,-94.91645,862,10/08/2011,12:28:20,Fort Leavenworth Trail Ruts. Marker &amp; Parade Ground<br />SBKFMRoute,39.29605,-94.90897,783,10/08/2011,12:47:06,<br />SBK4-pg102,39.25685,-94.88133,841,10/08/2011,12:35:12,Fort Scott Military Road at Nine Milke Creek<br />SBK5-pg102,39.18676,-94.99199,856,10/08/2011,12:50:10,Stranger Creek Crossing<br />SBK6-pg102,39.04656,-95.12848,823,10/08/2011,12:57:20,US24-Chieftan Road Crossing"
Bob-RJ Burkhart
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