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"Great picture!"
Cynthia Hermanny
"SynthCam is absolutely brilliant. Computational methods are really accelerating photography forwards in leaps and bounds at the moment! :)"
iestyn Bleasdale-...
Barry Blanchard
"…by the way I'm helping Bruce Hemingway with the UW Digital Photography course modeled off of your one at Stanford. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!"
Rich MacDonald
"I have your app on my home screen and now I need to experiment to get this kind of result (the inset image helps). The end result is so much richer and realistic of a focus fall-off than the digital tilt filters…"
Rich MacDonald
"I am very interested in this stone and the civilization whom worshiped it. Check out Ghost Hunters International on tv. They did a really good investigation and what they found from this Lanzone is by far the weirdest thing I have ever seen and "heard"!! I highly suggest it! GHI episode1 on the newest season."
Jenny Kolean
"Disorienting…but in a good way."
Rich MacDonald
"I like this one!"
Siddhartha Joshi
"Nice one, and guess what....I was there yesterday :)"
Siddhartha Joshi
Siddhartha Joshi
"Nice one...all so beautifully exposed..."
Siddhartha Joshi
"Wow...I saw the image and knew it was my hometown :) Nice pic Marc..."
Siddhartha Joshi
"This is a Bihu dancer from Assam"
Bhaskar Sarma
"Just great. faced with situations like these i have never been able to capture it with light like this."
Vivek Mulky
"beautiful !"
Krishna Mohan Moc...
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