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"Very interesting."
christine slobin
"Very intriguing collage of colours, I like it."
Chris Evans
"so fascinating!"
Chelsea Sherrill
"Wow !"
Philippe Godart
"świetnie pokazany piękny widok"
Robert Łuczak
Chris Chapman
Cynthia K Seymour
TIGER Qui Vuong
"Wow! This is a very beautiful shot! Thanks for sharing."
Alexander Köppl
"très beau !"
Christine Cajon
"Jeetje Kai, wat een geweldige foto"
Anita Meiland
"We were washing ourselves and our clothes at Dezadeash Lake, middle of the afternoon, when an approaching thunderstorm cancelled out the breeze and turned the entire lake into a mirror."
Kai Compagner
"After 3 days of backpacking we were camping on a beach of Kluane Lake behind the airstrip. It was mostly overcast except for a small hole for the sun to show its face before it set. A sandbar separated a shallow pool of water from the main lake, ideal for reflections. But the wind wouldn't let the water settle so we were sitting a bit further back in comfortable folding chairs drinking wine. But at the last moment the wind died so it was back to crawling around on our knees to maximize the reflection"
Kai Compagner
"On the first day camping at Kluane Lake it was beginning to sink in how empty the Yukon is. There's this enormous and beautiful lake and yet there are no boats. Not that it's against the rules, but everyone who wants to go boating has other lakes closer by."
Kai Compagner
"It's bug spray! Against the bears you're supposed to use the small branch with the leaves."
Kai Compagner
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