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"Louisville Courier reports that our local "Turtleman" is getting his own show on Animal Planet. The writer calls it "hixploitation", a shortened form of hick exploitation. Hey, "Turtleman" loves the fame and the kids love watching him. City-slickers are entertained and get a view of a far away place that isn't really so far away. BTW, my guess is that Animal Planet will use this song and dance skit (photo above) somewhere on the t.v. program."
Don Sniegowski
"Nice colors from the sign."
Takahiro Yamamoto
"Love this. Great sense of motion!"
Takahiro Yamamoto
"+Lee Daniels I must admit I also like points of view that are slightly off. It's more interesting. And your point about a visible rim is a great one. It does indeed bring attention to the kettles. The natural color may warm the photo but it also energizes it. Hmmm, need to rethink this photo. Maybe it's not the discard. Thanks."
Don Sniegowski
"This is one of my favorite types of photos to take. Nice shot."
Brie Harrison
Benoit Spacher
"Vari-angle monitors are not leading-edge equipment at all :-) But I got it for the first time when I bought a GH2 for myself. It's very convenient."
Takahiro Yamamoto
"Vari-angle LCD monitor?!? I don't even think I can imagine all of the leading-edge camera equipment that you have. As for me, I'm holding out until the new augmented reality contact lenses come out in January 2019. That's the contacts that allow the camera to transmit the image and EXIF info directly to your eye, even if you are separated from the camera. I figure I'll have enough money by 2019 to start buying such fancy things."
Don Sniegowski
"+Don Sniegowski Now I feel lucky that I have a camera with a vari-angle LCD monitor :-)"
Takahiro Yamamoto
"This one was a tough one. To get the right angle, I had to extend my arms as far as possible to put the camera as flush as I could next to the green keys. I couldn't use the viewfinder so I had to give it my best guess on where to point the camera."
Don Sniegowski
"I really prefer this one (though perhaps with the rotation) This one resonates with light and contrasts and visual interest and impact. The warmer light on the barrel and with better defined rim draw my eye while the bronze pipes are full of dynamic excitement.
A ghost town? Maker's Mark? Really? I'd be happy to go keep it all company. Lovely stuff!"
Lee Daniels
"Nice. I like the green light on the keys. Very interesting contrast to the amber tones."
Takahiro Yamamoto
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