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"I always find the trick is using it early, and with a cup of coffee."
Rugger Ducky
"Worth noting that its effect diminishes over time.

I can't get nearly as much mileage using the sad puppy look with Mrs. Geek as I could back then. It's partly time, partly familiarity, and partly the fact that I've piddled on the carpet one too many times."
Random Geek
"How did you know the wife and I always read ads (and laugh) where something is advertised with big Xs? We love to laugh at Xtremely Xciting Xantis and the like."
Rugger Ducky
"Always works for me."
Rugger Ducky
"No writing, just teeny tiny triangles and bars."
Random Geek
"This one must have taken you a few days. What does the one thread with the writing on it say?"
David Bleecher
"Mrs. Geek says "It's good. Kind of creepy cute. Creepy cute works for you. Go with it.""
Random Geek
"Think u very much.
"No, +AbdErRahManE HAMMOU - I do not know of a tutorial that would help you with that exactly. Many projects are using WSGI instead of mod_python to "drive" their frameworks and applications. You should be able to find a tutorial for CGI or WSGI programming with Python with a Web search. You probably want to be more comfortable with the Python language before you try Web programming in it.

It will help most if there is a strong community that you can easily communicate with. Your profile makes me assume you are a francophone. Have you seen yet?"
Random Geek
"Using frameworks like django or pyramid will not help me as a biginner so i think that cause i was already trying django on my debian server, very very hard to me. Have any pdf tuto to dev .py directly with mod_perl on apache server?
(sorry for my bad english)"
"I missed a whole conversation!

AbdErRahManE HAMMOU (thank goodness for autocompletion) - it is not hard to develop Web sites with Python, but there are easier ways than what I do. Check out Django and Pyramid if you are curious.

Good eye, +Bart Thate and +Bernd Orttenburger. Yes, I think I was showing off my "desktop" in a Buzz post. Quotes because it was pretty much just GNU Screen in a Terminal."
Random Geek
"user@cr-48-ubuntu in tab..."
Bernd Orttenburger
"Ok. Cool. You are good."
Stefan Svartling
"iPhone 4 with Autodesk Sketchbook. "
Random Geek
"No, but it fakes it ok. Still getting practice in. "
Random Geek