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John Goerzen
"That has to be the most focused look I've seen recently."
Shae Erisson
"It was his own idea. And today he recorded The Very Hungry Caterpillar, though he whispered the story and moved the camera enough that the audio doesn't really come through. I'm so glad he's picked up this recording hobby!"
John Goerzen
"Heh, I'm actually using them on Linux - excellent support in SANE for Fujitsu sheetfed scanners. The 941 has been working out pretty well for me. I don't think it would stand up to the demands of some folks at work, but overall it's been fine."
John Goerzen
"I considered switching to Polycom after I saw them perform well at Moundridge Schools, but the 941's have performed well for us overall and have held up very well over the years. I'd probably try a backlit 942 to keep things standardized unless I can find something backlit and reasonably priced with built-in IPsec. Currently placing handsets behind an IPsec device at each location and tunneling traffic back to the head end (in the cloud).

In case you ever need to know, the S500/S510 can be used on a Mac .. and the S500M/S510M can be used on Windows. The "Mac compatible" scanners are identical except for PCI device ID. There is a readily available hack for each platform that swaps the hard-coded PCI device ID in the ScanSnap software so that you can use an S500 on Mac or an S500M on Windows. #artificial-restriction-fail"
Jason Klein
"You have an eagle eye.. Actually it's an S510 but close enough ;-) I have a number of SPA-841s in the house plus this one SPA-941. The price was right on them, but the SPA-841s have tended to develop hardware issues after a few years. I'm down to just one working SPA-841 at this point, plus the SPA-941.

We have some Polycoms at work with a backlight. They are in a rather different budget and quality class than the SPAs though."
John Goerzen
"Some familiar devices pictured. I use the heck out of my SPA-941 and S500. Though I've been thinking of moving to a backlit phone. Any suggestions?"
Jason Klein