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"Belissimo stream in b&w!"
Sabrina Nigi
"very good shot, I love the clarity and the reflections of the sky"
Christoph Sochano...
"The cloud movement is great...but I think the potted plant in the foreground should go."
David Howland
"Fantastic work !"
Helminadia Ranford
"I like the sky and the colors on the building (except for the blown out area), but maybe this is one of those times when you should have taken a few steps forward before you shot."
Sue Ranscht
"Thank you +Alexey Dubrovin and +Jason Dell !
I was thinking that the industrial area was adding something and not disturbing the composition.
I found it very dissonant such an industrial area in such a beautiful piece of nature and wanted to outline this contrast.
I tried some different crops and none of them was very convincing. I usually like to stay in the 3/2 aspect ratio too."
Patrik Ugone
"I don't mind the industrial junk. Quite the opposite. I love juxtaposing the "ugly" industrial buildings next to beautiful scenery.

That being said, I'm not sure what story this photo is telling. If it's about the buildings, they are too small, like an afterthought. If it's about the beautiful bay, the buildings kill the view. The empty space in the lower right doesn't contribute much to the composition.

I would have loved to see the industrial area extend further and take up more screen space in the bottom."
Onny Carr
"if you decide to crop it - as the industrials get straight to the visible water line - it wont be possible to completely remove them, but try to align the cropping line in such way that the buildings won't attract that much attention"
Alexey Dubrovin
"I like the comp on this it is a very strong image with great potential. I do have to agree that the crop is off though. Maybe a crop to remove the "industrial stack" and some of the sky could really bring it all into focus."
Jason Dell
"it might be a worth to crop out the industrial area (crazy thought or may be to retouch it?) That will make the lanscape clearer and more attractive (IMO)"
Alexey Dubrovin