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"haha - I'd soldered an alligator clip onto a screwdriver...this was me questioning if I should leave it as is, or return it to screwdriver status..."
Ian Cole
"Ian appears to be pondering something very intellectual here."
Ben Hosmer
"Hey, that's me!"
Ben Hosmer
"This one is probably a better bet for instant replay."
Willa Riggins
"Great point on the glare - I'll have to see if that would be the same at the race location or if that is just from the lights in my garage... I am a little worried that we may need to light the finish line - these pics are lightened, the original images are DARK."
Ian Cole
"Aesthetically, I like the bottom view (15). The top view has less distortion to show how close some of the cars might be in crossing the finish line. Top view has more glare though and is generally a less pleasing image."
Carey Davis
"Holding her Radio Shack LED Flashlight kit and wearing the LED tiara that she made with her Dad..."
Ian Cole
"Check out the LEDs in the tiara :)"
Ian Cole
L.T. Easterly
"18mm - click on photo, then options -> photo details... the g+ viewer lets you see the EXIF data :)"
Ian Cole
"The lab looks amazing in this shot. What lens were you using? I'm guessing a 28mm or wider..."
Willa Riggins
"Hey...I need to see the video..I hear there's video of this..upload it NOW..or provide a link to your awesome Youtubeness..PEACE"
Sybil Says
"but does it light up, that is the question"
Kyle Wade
"wow, my sister-in-law can totally use that for her work.. hehe"
Luis Paz
"Chris brought lots of thread with the embroidery machine"
Ian Cole