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"Fighting! :-P "
Yatin Vanmari
"I think so! How did you find out? :-)"
Veritas Aequitas
"Do you know the name of river what you made a video for me.... Is it Hwang river? "
Pham Phuong
"If you love it why don't live here? "
Pham Phuong
"It's an hour on foot from my home. Thanks."
Veritas Aequitas
"occupy thomas "
Veritas Aequitas
"Affirmative. Thanks :), but I think it's mediocre photography of some stunningly beautiful places."
Veritas Aequitas
Veritas Aequitas
Veritas Aequitas
Veritas Aequitas
"I can't take credit for the image .. Glad i could pass it on to you.. please see in the caption I have given correct link to the site and person who created it - his name Paul Scott-Wilson"
Veritas Aequitas
"Hi Thomas, I´m gonna take your pic as a background on my Wall post of my blog. Thank you it is very clean and nice. I like the green color. Regards.from Mexico City"
Juan Carlos Estud...
"I had to do a full refresh for them to show up for me."
Wes Brown
"Not available on mine this time around. Unless they moved it to somewhere new that I can't find."
Chris Kunzler
David Beck
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