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"Sure Nick... You have some lovely images in here. "
Robert Mann
"Thanks +Robert Mann for your plus one"
Nick Lewis
"I love this bike, I saw it out on the road the other day, I can remember talking to it's owner at the vintage car fair. He was very proud of it and keeps it absolutely sparkling!"
Nick Lewis
"Yes I can imagine!! I used to go there a lot in the 70s, 80s when my grandfather was still alive, he used to walk his dogs around there..... in fact you may be able to help me unlock a mystery!

My Grandfather used to talk about an old hospital on the common, albeit a ruin, that his dog would not go anywhere near and he told me of the ghost he had seen there of a nurse, probably dressed in the way they would has been at the time of the Crimean war. My wife and I have recently been trying to find out about it but can we heck?!"
Nick Lewis
"Yes I can recall it being more open too"
Nick Lewis
"There are a lot more trees around now.... 40 years ago it was a lot more open."
Brian Wright
"I remember this view over Ceasars Camp- used to play over here in the 60s when we were about 11/12... How we never got shot or run over by a tank I will never know ! There was only a Red flag to stop us - Health `n` safety would have had a field day!"
Brian Wright
"Thanks +Cliff Samuel-Camps - I am going to go back up there soon. I'd forgotten how good it is!"
Nick Lewis
"Now that's a seat!"
Ryan Prince
"Great to hear from you +Brian Wright and this is what I love about Google+ the way that it puts you in contact with people who have connections, no matter how tenuous they may be.

There are some great walks around here. I love it because it reminds me of my late Grandfather and numerous dog walks in the area."
Nick Lewis
"Thanks for sharing these photos on +jean-bernard breu much appreciated. Seeing this goat reminded me a lot of France, Switzerland or anywhere around there!"
Nick Lewis
"Thanks and especially pleased that you like that aspect of it! "
Nick Lewis
"very nice- i love the bit of brickwork that gives it a retro feel"
Grantly Lynch
"I shall bear that in mind +Julian Bond - I could have sworn I took these photos yesterday and not last weekend"
Nick Lewis
"It's fractals - All the way down. Keep them in a cool dark place and only look at them in a mirror which makes preparation a bit difficult. Otherwise you run the risk of being sucked into the time vortex. My daughter looked at these too closely and 10 minutes of her life were just gone!"
Julian Bond
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