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nilesh doshi
"Anytime you've got families around, a certain level of discretion is expected, absolutely. Most of the ones I've been to were very well done. Just a few exceptions to the rule here and there. And it was always the smaller ones, too."
Michael Edwards
"+Michael Edwards After hours is a totally different scene. and that's why some of us are in guilds and spend the days entertaining the patrons so we can party at night and cut loose. But open hours are for the patrons and the actors need to play their part. I've seen guilds thrown out for overdoing what should be after hours behavior during open hours."
Brenda Curtis
"+Brenda Curtis Agreed. I've been to a few Ren Faires that some people treated almost like swingers parties, especially in the after hours."
Michael Edwards
"+Just W The only women who would have had lots of cleavage showing were whores. I do not portray a whore :P Same with the Ren Faire. Unless a woman is playing a tavern wench/prostitute she shouldn't have her tits up under her chin for everyone to see. It's one of those things that everyone has slide at faire because it's become expected. The patrons like to see it. LOL! There are a few faires I've been involved with that had rules about it though and if you were in a guild and not playing the wench or prostitutes ( sometimes combo) you were asked to tone it down."
Brenda Curtis
"Although you have to admire the sheer audacity of making such a comment when someone of Ryan's stature is standing right next to you!"
Michael Edwards
shivam singh
"Russian Roulette for wizards: one of the potions turn you into a toad."
Dan Faerch
"The Scorpion Cane!"
Brenda Curtis
"I love the cane!"
Ryan Drewrey
"Mead and Ale tasting"
Brenda Curtis
"Ryan has a new pokey stick"
Brenda Curtis
"nice pic !"
Shiv Shekhawat
"+Michael Carter where do I know you from?"
Brenda Curtis
"Hello there! You most likely dont remember me but you still beautiful as ever! sorry i get this way at times. Lol"
Michael Carter
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