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"bardzo udane ujęcie !"
Agnieszka Dąbrowska
"You can copy as many pictures as you want ! You should know that there are times that thinking of you is quite comforting for me , so it is me that I should say '' thank you '' !Like right know that I feel so bad and so weak , but as soon as I saw your message , it helped me feel better !"
"My ASAMA is a peak for my daily life.. While the western view is totally different. It is almost a plateau.

So I began to doubt how my life was is & will be seen to my daughters. Do they want to take a photo as Panagiotis does of you?
I have no image of mine.

In any way, I coudn't forget at least that I met you in this vast world of this time......EVXARISTOO, my EVI. never forgetable."
Gochin I.
"Any signal from evi so exites me, why? that is unknow to me....

'cause You have clear blue eyes, you have much functional brain than me?
Never. It's because you have a beautiful heart, strong spiritually even if not physically.

Ego don't know how I could Thank you appropriately.

By the way, I copied a beautiful flower on the hill without your permission, could you allow me?"
Gochin I.
akio onoue
"As Evi you hav't be, too!!!
I believe you are so!!!, hoping your healing ASAP."
Gochin I.
"delicate but strong ... !"
"Good nught really for the last this time."
Gochin I.
"I also know that you love and believe in the power of song& poem, rhythm, and melody, in short, Music even if it is short or long.."
Gochin I.
"The WHY could be it that you love word so much, while I believe in the power of words.....might be."
Gochin I.
"You, my DiAna, you are the my only sunshine.....but I know it's not only for me.....I know it surely."
Gochin I.
"Sorry but to be truth, I imagine that you are in my front, my words spring out endlessly....why? I don't know.....but a reason might exist for that, I suppose.
Sorry about that, again."
Gochin I.
"Never mind. Me, too, still could not adapt myself to these new situation. Similar to my adaptation from XP to 7."
Gochin I.
"Thank you Ana. Yes she is the third family of me. When she is not visible behind clouds, fog or mist, I become unrestful. When I can see her through clear sky, the weught of her existence makes me feel as if I might be a part of the nature."
Gochin I.