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"Beautiful Jeff :-)"
Dana Müllerová
"Na shledanou :-)"
Dana Müllerová
"Thank you Dana! I love your country: Cesky Krumlov, Telc, and of course Prague. Na shledanou!"
Jeff Clay
"I am from Czech Republic
 your photos are beautiful
 warms the soul
 thank you"
Dana Müllerová
"Thanks for your comments Tom and Sam. Some images immediately are 'likeable' or perhaps 'accessible' is a better word. This IS a busy shot but it is also a deep shot. There is a lot to see and it is a bit of challenge. Perhaps one has to work more at 'getting' this than many landscapes one sees. It works for me despite the busyness, because it is in balance and multilayed. It IS a study in contrast and tones, like much of b&w work, but unlike many shapes and form factor less here than a dynamic tension that resonates between the different elements."
Jeff Clay
"Another very interesting aspect of this is the dialectical process it embodies. This image is NOT realistic. Two major alterations (at least) have produced what we see: the transformation of hue to pure value, and the transformation of the value distribution itself so as to increase the contrast. The whole effect of this is to bring us the familiar, the recognizable, in a novel way, and THAT compels us to look anew at the familiar. That, in a nutshell, is what art does, pure and simple. It freshens our experience of the world. I live for this sort of experience, and am endlessly grateful when it occurs."
Tom Cloyd
Pandya Payal
Pandya Payal
Pandya Payal
"That's a cool image!"
jim berneike
"Thanks all for your comments!"
Jeff Clay
Liubov Kozlovskaja
"pretty!! :D"
Julianne Starshi
"I would love to be able to go to the places you do to shoot. This is an amazing photo."
Brandon Holly
"very beautiful !!!!!"
Gianpietro Munaretto