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"I emailed Ted Young today and he got right back to me with this reply - "Hi Rich- The map was an older Fisher E-4 (revised in 1976) While it does not give the name of the island it was an arrow pointing labeled "Indian Grave," which point to the first island and largest of five island east of the long pointed peninsula at the mouth of the bay leading to Silver Falls. Hope that makes sense. Ted" Thanks, Ted. Much appreciated."
Richard Fink
"I visited my old friend, Ted Young, in March 2009. He has photos of this grave site which were apparently taken a couple of years later as several of the skeletal components seen in my photos were missing. Ted showed me a W.A. Fisher map from that time that named the island. I don't recall the name, but it did refer to a grave."
Richard Fink
"The most regal and demanding dog I ever met. He was in charge and knew it well."
"Correspondence from Paul Stoltz at Camp Rockwood dated April 28, 1945 states, "We have the logs down at the cabin site...," so I think it is safe to assume that this photo was taken at the harvest site. Mr. Stoltz includes his bill for $63 for 18 hours of truck hauling and 18 hours of labor. He also includes a bill from R. Bent of Grand Marais for $136 for transportation, labor moving and 32 hours of Cat skidding. The total cost, then, for skidding and hauling to the site was $199."
Richard Fink
"The trees were purchased from A. V. Johnson of Grand Marais. Mr. Johnson owned the land and charged $1.25 for each of the 110 trees that were cut to produce the logs, according to a letter from him to Dad dated October 16, 1944. Dad wrote Mr. Johnson on November 1, 1944, stating that he thought they had an agreed upon price of $1.00 per log, but Dad sent a money order for $137.50 anyway. He commented that he expected Dave Clark would start cutting the trees on about November 15, 1944."
Richard Fink
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