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"we do not need anything , the bread that you made me take aboard I still have it in my briefcase. Greatings to all the friends in the neiborhood especially to comare Martorelli and much greetings to compare Beniamino and you tell him that he should excuse me very much for not having greeted him; Kiss to the children and to you your husband Antonio"
Dominic Candeloro
"Barcellona Feb. 3 1957 Dear Wife I am writing to you few lines to let you know that I am well. the trip is very good, the sea is calm, this morning we got off at Barcellona and we will be on land for about 3 hours and then we will leave again. All on board is going well, we eat well and they treat us well, we sleep well and in my cabin there are two of us and we have all the conforts and even showers with hot and cold water as you like it, therefore do not worry about us because"
Dominic Candeloro
"Don't you think that no one knows you are in Salerno ?Giuseppe: Kindly give his letter to my husband. Greetings Rocchina."
Dominic Candeloro
"then we return and you will leave (to go) to Naples, because we had to go to Pompei last week and, because of work, I did not decide to tell you; for this reason I was glad You did not leave. I repeat don't worry about anythig, I'll come equipped with everything; I also will bring something for Peppino. Not anything else greatings your wife Greatings (from? for?) Antoniette and Peppino."
Dominic Candeloro
"My dear Antonio,<br />I &#39;m writing to you these few lines to tell you that we all right and to remind you not to be angry at all for what has happened to you; It is nothing, it is just a silly hting; please do not worry; now eat and drink without worries; I have already taken care of everything. Dear Antonio, please be at Salerno&#39;s (train) station: myself&lt; my sister Sceppa and your father will leave by the 10:00 o&#39;clock train and go, and the same day to Pompei;"
Dominic Candeloro
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