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"Thank you so much +Scott Donschikowski Sounds like a great setup you have there. Have you got any of your astrophotos online somewhere I can see them?"
Greg Gibbs
Greg Gibbs
"Wow this is nice Greg. I myself am working with an f/4 10" SN from Meade. Paired with an Orion Atlas mount. I'm currently using EQMOD on my computer to do the tracking. Weather has been an issue though lately so I haven't been out shooting. Just got my 7D last year though so focusing is now a breeze. "
Scott Donschikowski
"gorgeous image!"
Annie Japaud
"Wow! I love how this exposure has depth , and the colors are wild. Thank You fore shairing. Allan"
Allan Colton
"Thank you very much"
Greg Gibbs
"Thank you very much Jaycee"
Greg Gibbs
"Thank you Christos. Shot using a 10" F/4 Newtonian reflector telescope mounted on a NEQ6 pro goto telescope mount which counters the rotation of the earth. Combination of about an hours worth of 3 minute exposures. Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker."
Greg Gibbs
"Wonderful!, how did you shoot this?"
Christos Kopanos
"Sounds like a great setup to get started on +Darryl Van Gaal I have not been doing it as long as you might think. I have only had my telescope for 5 months. The members at my astronomy club can not believe how far I have come in such a short time. I don't have a webcam. This will have to do for now. Just fire away with the questions and I'll be happy to help if I can."
Greg Gibbs
"Thank you very much everyone"
Greg Gibbs
"Thank you"
Greg Gibbs
"Wonderful astro work here Greg!"
Bill Dickinson
Laurent Coppée