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"HAW!! I just looked at it again and figured out how to open it, there is nothing wrong with the lock at all. I never noticed that the top button that holds the front side of the carry strap had to simply be pulled up, to unlock.
Heiko Köster There was no film left inside from the past.  BTW the camera is in near mint condition, and the "rust color" on the top edge and viewer etc is just a reflection from the 3200 K light bulb over my kitchen table."
jerry robin
"HEY!!  #PierretteduQuebec
Long time no see!!!  VIEN ENCORE!!!"
jerry robin
"Astounding Album!!! +jerry robin !!! absolutely Gorgeous photo artworks !!!!"
Gabriela Bardac
"+Mikki Michelle I will take it to my friend who happens to be a local camera repair joint, perhaps he has the secret to open it without damage to the body. If he opens it, I will process the film to see if there is still a latent image on that film.
Btw, I have quite a few other antique cameras, including my Century brand 11x14 wooden view camera from the turn of the SECOND TO LAST CENTURY. Around 1890. I will start posting them as the weather improves soon."
jerry robin
"My psychiatrist counts 4 personalities, but she has more experience and knows me better. Please choose the best one for your first impression of me. ;))"
jerry robin
"That's a pitty, that it stucks. A friend of mine bought a similiar looking camera at a flea market, not that well looking, but still working. He made some nice images this that."
Heiko Köster
"Yes, it's cool, well maintained? The original owner had it in her basement cupboard untouched since the1950s.
There is still an exposed film in there, which I cannot remove because I cannot open the camera is stuck."
jerry robin
"From what I can tell from the reflection you seem to have multiple personalities. Since I can see at least three versions of you ;) That's quite cool.
But images can be so deceiving ! :)"
Heiko Köster
"Am I cute??"
jerry robin
"I can see you ! ;)"
Heiko Köster
"Hello from Montreal, thanks for visiting and your comment on my reversed lens macro."
jerry robin

Hello from far west Canada"
Dizz Lee
"thanks Ibolyka"
jerry robin
"Heel goed."
Ibolyka pak-david
"Thanks Ibolyka, I just noticed your comment now, sorry."
jerry robin
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