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"Creepy but fun.
Savory Mutt
"ouah tes photo son extraordinaire ...... cette photo me rappel un film extraordinaire " AI": intélligence artificiel""
Maryse Monrose
"Wonderful :))"
Jessica Ma Jin
"Was your hair naturally that curly? "
Rose L.
"thanks so +Kelli Seeger Kim - got to go do some more macros soon. ;-)"
anita harris
"Hi, +anita harris! Thank you very much! Well, I always use natural light - and any shots I do indoors, I use a tripod for. (I try not to bump my ISO up too much, which means I'm left using longer exposures than I can manage handheld.) I think any other info you should be able to access on the "photo details" section of each photo. :-) I hope that helps?"
Kelli Seeger Kim
"+Dave Nitsche - HA ha ha ha! It was the Brian Rose Challenge! I had to step up and show off my 'stache. *grin*"
Kelli Seeger Kim
"+Kelli Seeger Kim I Love your lighting on all your macro photos, if you fancy sharing any tips I would be very grateful ;-)"
anita harris
"+Alan Shapiro - Aww! Thank you, Alan."
Kelli Seeger Kim
"Oh, that's just wrong. LOL!"
Dave Nitsche
"This is spectacular, Kelli."
Alan Shapiro
"Thank you, +Gabriel Quintero and +Gene Bowker! We had a really nice time."
Kelli Seeger Kim
"That is a great photo of you too! Looks like a fun time!"
Gene Bowker
"Very nice shots"
Gabriel Quintero
"+Kelli Seeger Kim - "Even you".. {sniff} those may be the two most beautiful words anyone has ever said to me! ;)"
Gary Munroe