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"That IS scary. But then, cartoon Bender was kinda scary as well. ;-)"
"The last finicky part was getting the red LEDs to stay behind the eyes, all I did was put indentations in the flesh of the pumpkin for them to sit in. I covered the board with some tissue paper to hide it and improve colour, and Voila! My own scarey Bender in a pumpkin!"
Timothy Schmidt
"I had already been doing some work with 555s and had them laying around. For the flashing eyes, I used the first web site to come up in Google for 'LED Tester' which happened to be an Instructables link. I put two white and a green LED in parallel together. Then with a 330ohm resistor in series with the LEDs, I just soldered it all across the terminals of the 9v battery I was using and that gave off great light on its own."
Timothy Schmidt
"I started Friday night and worked away from the left side and drilled out the grill for the teeth, but by that time I was pretty worn out and put it away in the fridge. BIG mistake! Today, Tuesday, I had already seen it start to wilt but I was determined to finish it off regardless! That is why the mouth looks a big strange on the left side. I carved out the eyes, the right hole, and then buckled down to put together the lighting electronics!"
Timothy Schmidt
"A couple days previously, I was brainstorming what to carve into it. I was thinking about the Hack-A-Day logo, but saw several versions already done. Eventually I thought up Bender and when I searched for pumpkin carvings, there weren't too many!"
Timothy Schmidt