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"I've heard of these guys before. They are not from Snook. ;)"
Denise Vajdak
"This is the board I use for all the podcasts -- a Mackie Onix 1640. Up top though is the BlueKeeper (the Bluetooth hybrid which ended up not working with the Blackberry -- ggrrrrr) and four wireless receivers. Off to the left side you can barely see the wireless transmitter used to feed HeadHardHat's camera. Then the MacBook used to drive the projectors, and my headset hiding under my hand."
Darryl Wattenberg
"Ah yes, the projection and PA control station. That shiny MacBook Pro up front had the background slides complete with GeoSnippits episodes to cover the time between sessions. I'm working on the little MSI Wind which we used as a secondary source to display the tweets about Cachercon. The big device at the left is the amp for the speakers, then to my right is the switcher for the projection. That allowed us to seemlessly switch two laptops on stage and the two back in control."
Darryl Wattenberg
"Gear, gear, everywhere. That junk in the lower right is the iPhone 3G with an Energizer XP18000 battery, connected to the audio board through a custom cable. That was out connection to TalkShoe -- the service we use every week for the live audience call-in and chat room for the Geocaching Podcast."
Darryl Wattenberg
"That reminds me -- have to checked to see how the audio came out? Unfortunately we overdrove the audio to Ustream which was off the same feed, just not wireless."
Darryl Wattenberg
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