Marysville California. There is a slight vignette due to using a lens meant for cropped sensor on a full frame camera. The color bleeding from the bottom left and right are light pollution from cities in the distance
Константин Цветков
I love the stars! Looks great. H<br /><br />How did you manage to capture the stars and the sky so crisp and vivid?
Karim Iliya
Long exposure but not too long that the stars start to trail. Very very high iso and then noise reduction after. You lose some detail. Also you need to be in a place with no light pollution. Wide angle, large aperture (so small f number)
Константин Цветков
I thought that you need small aperture to make the stars crisp. But that&#39;s why the trails appear. I also have no high ISO. 3200 only. Maybe that&#39;s why I&#39;ve not been able to capture the stars correctly. Thanks for the advice! =)
Karim Iliya
You just have to make sure the stars are in focus. But large aperture. Some of these are iso 4000. Just don&#39;t go over a minute so the stars don&#39;t trail. You&#39;ll probably need to increase the exposure when it&#39;s on your computer and then do noise reduction. You should still be able to get some stuff even with 3200
Константин Цветков
I got it! Thanks! I&#39;ll certainly try to do this in summer. :)
Thomas der Untertaucher
Teresita Busamia
Sencillamente impresionantes tus fotografías, Karim. Te felicito!!!!
Marco Ballesteros
The soul of a true poet, through the ways of photography &lt;3
Theo Zagar
Eine Hammer Fotogalerie, Karim Iliya. Unglaublich.
Angel Gabriel Corrales Flores
Es de una belleza indescriptible
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