In the winter, large waves break in portions of Haena Beach that are not protected by the coral reef. This one is over 10 feet tall from its base. They can get even larger during winter storms. After every shot, I had to run, as I planted the tripod right in the path of the waves to get the best shot. These waves looked best just before the break, as the light penetrated through them. The sand glistened and moved for just a second before drying up, so timing was important.
Jay Patel
Masterful...Love the textures in every part of the image.
Vincenzo D C
Stunning work <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="102871123574468799566">Patrick Smith</a></span> , stunning!
Gjergj Markaj
woww that&#39;s brilliant<br />LOVE IT
Per Ardne
Really great shot! Really like the waves breaking and the massive clouds as a backdrop...
dean huggins
Great image.
Jon Matthies
Gorgeous and raw!
John Moore
Truly outstanding!
Carol Small
Very Nice !
Cindy Lewis
Beautiful and no people there... love it!
Lisbeth Berget
Stunning photo!!
Marisela Zullo
que belleza wauu
Detra Wilson
That is beautiful
Ced Bennett
This is just beautiful!
Maron Glassey
Steve DuPree Jr
That image does such a great job of capturing the power of the Hawaiian surf. Super job + Patrick Smith.
Majeed Badizadegan
Love Kauai
Tamica Kelley
I need to be there:)
April Joy Gutel
So pretty
Dave Yuhas
Aminullah Hadi
Smooth and Strong, like a yin yang!
Sylvia Carcich
Oh, I LOVE this! It is so beautiful.
Susana Morales
love it!
Damian Vega Zelada
increíblemente hermoso!
Mirjam vd.maat
this is the beauty of nature
Patrick Smith
Thanks for stopping by for a look!
Bruce R Franklin
Gerald Cummins
Bobby Gibbons
WOW. Look at that sky..NO the Trees!!! NO the Wave!! LOL <br /><br />Great shot!! Really love the processing! The sand looks really neat too! :)
Ingrid Duque Cavalcanti
Jo Ann Stapleton
This is beyond beautiful. I am in awe at the beauty you have captured.
Mark Kilpatrick
Beautiful tones and colours.
Gareth Robins
There&#39;s so much going on in this image, I&#39;m loving it.
Peter Kwan
Beautiful art. <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="102871123574468799566">Patrick Smith</a></span>. As always, thank you for sharing the details and resources.
Ardeshir Lord
بسيار زيبا/Very Nice
daniela barazarte
me encanta
Anabel Robles
q hermosoooo!!!
วุฒิ วุฒิ
Jose Grecos Montalvo
I want to ride that alive..
Zenaida DuPuY
Iasmina Pinheiro
Muito lindoooooooooooo.
Wau Black
nice pict,,,like it,,,,!!!!!!!!
Salman Moosavi
wow! <br />beautiful man, graet job. ;)
David Okedi
Wow!!!! Awesome Pic
Marek Bromberek
Wonderful image.
Ajayi Oladapo
this pix is so sweet
Liliana kosarin
veryyyy nice,,,good shot
Angaidaire Rangel
wOow !!!!
Roberta Laidman
And look at that sky. This is a truly fine photograph.
jorel Alfuente
Brian Grzelewski
Just beautiful!
Joy S
Sonu Kumar
beautiful natural scean
Terence Chang
I wish I was there ....
Milena Ilieva
I love it....What a brilliant work.....
Jeremy Carter
Awesome shot. Cant wait to be at the beach in a few weeks
sisilia ika anggraeni
wonderful !!
Vitor Ferreira
Awesome landscape!
Kim Gladish
i have been to a lot of beaches in my life and i have never seen any thing as butiful as this!!!!!!!! wow
Susan Cole Kelly
Gorgeous!!! Textures,leading lines, color, emotion, what a fabulous image!
Leyla A. Roberson
Wow what a nice place... beautiful pic
Roberto Medeiros
beauty !!
Aryono Candra
oh indahnya
Kirk Kenny
In addition to all the other accolades, I really appreciate how this image fuses soft and warm tones and colors with cooler ones. Bravo
yongky arta
Pitsanu Khamsuwan
The Best
susan leonhardt
jac jac
Atrai atenção .............sua nitidez é o máximo ............em sua beleza .......Belíssima foto .Encantada .
Awesome pics man really awesome
Mooyong Little
nice beach n nice shot
Yahya Blushi
sooooooooooooooooo nice Mr\
eltaieb abdalmouniem
nice :)
Tone Lise Larsen
Nalni Koul
Lovely sight
Syed waqas shah
gou yi
timing is important.:D
Nkonk Yamin
i like....
krzysztof karwatka
zapiera dech<br /><br /><br /><br />WebRep <br />Overall rating
Gatto NineNineNine
Patrick Bergeron
Amazing shot. Makes one realize and appreciate the power of water, just love the Ocean. When one respects it&#39;s beauty and power, one can appreciate its wonders
Rinus Bakker
You are awesome amazing <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="102871123574468799566">Patrick Smith</a></span> Don&#39;t know where to put you in my nature or art circle, hmmm both I think!
Paul Paradis
Marilda Santos
Maravilha de Deus !!!!
Abjed Montage
wonderful picture i so like this kind from picture
Jane Arapawe
Hermosa photo!
Francesco Gola
Ooooooh <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="102871123574468799566">Patrick Smith</a></span>, I love those waves!
H. Joe Zhou
Nice shot!
Luc Suy
Toby Harriman
Wow incredible <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="102871123574468799566">Patrick Smith</a></span>! And congrats on the feature!
Ced Bennett
I really enjoy your work but this one particularly struck me. Wonderful composition and capture.
Michael Menefee
Agreed, this is a particularly poignant image, excellent work Patrick!
Michael Burk
absolutely magnificent - feels like the picture is moving into different directions, waves come in, trees are blown out on the sea and the clouds are twisting! This is magic!
Sunny Singh
awsome lyk ur wrk .....
Patricia Davidson
Gorgeous! Love the tones!
Soňa F.
hm, so cold but romantic... nice Patrick... all pictures by you are so wonderful! Thank you :-)
María C. Andrade F.
I like your stile in your fantastic.
Bruce R Franklin
How do you like your Canon 5D? Were you on automatic or manual?
Jessy Eykendorp
hamza anju
nice pic sir
Anna Rimovska
Татьяна Владимировна
Очень красиво!!!!
Sergio Marottacalvo
Eduardo Machado
wow... Fantastic!!!
Ricardo Vasconcelos
Great photo! :-D
Supattra Kerdsub
wow !!!
Francesca Oliveira
Paul Paradis
Gemma Costa
Great photo and work!  <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="102871123574468799566">Patrick Smith</a></span>     <br />Selected as ►TOP Photo on Google+◄ <a rel="nofollow" class="ot-hashtag" href="">#10000photographers</a><br />by <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="117000139571713536948">Robert SKREINER</a></span>     &amp; <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="110806949181190360839">Gemma Costa</a></span>    <br />and shared at the page: <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="110538600381916983600">10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS</a></span>    
nunu astuti
Amazing picture. Teach me pls how to creat...
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