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Portrait of my daughter, Val.  Shot with a lensbaby processed using #nikcollection  and some tweaking in Photoshop (remove dark ring under eyes and shadows on face. Also brighten eye whites.
Leah Wolfer
Editing the whites of her eyes really increased the effectiveness of her stare. This is a great picture!
Dolores Sieg
Sweetness explodes in the beauty of all the beauty marks of freckles
angela ancona
she is special intense beautiful
edward.m.mcdowell c.p6
Limeris Lopez
she is beautiful
JuanSalesSJ@gmail.com Sales
Audrey Timonio
Very intimidating!! i like her eyes
Georges Raoul NDO BELINGA
luong uchi
Анатолий Матыцин
Stefan Kunz
La Esperanza, Ñemby
Mary Redford
Beth ,Freckles are beautiful they make your skin glow at night   3-15-15 4:19 am<br />I know I&#39;m a red head.
JuanSalesSJ@gmail.com Sales
Enviado de Samsung Mobile<br /><br />-------- Original message --------
sandra miller
What a little sweetie!
Lodena McCoy
Lodena (Lethco) McCoy -- this photo is about as near to my school picture,  at that ag,  as  I could show how I looked (of course I was never this pretty!!  ---- but now I love me own picture because   shows the great-grand-children how I looked with the large white two front teeth!  // All the rest of my front teeth were crooked! ---- I want to save this picture, if I only could!
Jeff Jones
<span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="https://plus.google.com/108969332088179215648" oid="108969332088179215648">Lodena McCoy</a></span>  click the image so it is big...then right click and choose &quot;save as&quot;  
Louise FABRY
N&amp;B !!
Idex Ladoraka
Patrizia Leone
Una fanciulla enigmatica .....meravigliosa .
Aurika Aurika
denise james
There is so much story about her in this photo.  Beautiful.  Powerful.  Personal.
Mikkel Bracamontes
she looks like something<br />no offense
Beauty doesnt always matter.<br />stay strong val
ashani rice
Tara Cheek
She is a beautiful young lady
lakshmi pathy
She loves siraj
we are children of God
Delores Curtis
<span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="https://plus.google.com/113926829074578626112" oid="113926829074578626112">denise james</a></span> indeed!
Ernest Luna
Marco Antonio Picasso Licón
Niña con pecas y mirada profunda
Bianca Bianca
Se si tenesse conto di quegli occhi, la vita sarebbe diversa, l&#39;amore sarebbe Amore, se si tenesse conto, di sfiorasse quell&#39;infinito ...La vita sarebbe trasparente....semplice,...innocente....come l&#39;estate!!!
DR Paquette
Great shot, i would like to see the original side by side though prior to all the editing.
Tslat Kidne
beautiful girl
Sakina Ali
wow she is so pretty how did u do that
Yavuz Demir
sadness :(
Janine Belot
A little rebel.... she could belong in the jungle !
Liz Luciano
<span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="https://plus.google.com/113926829074578626112" oid="113926829074578626112">denise james</a></span> Yes I agree and if the &quot;shadows under her eyes&quot; had not been touched up it would have been even more clear that this is a &#39;thinker&#39; a deep minded child.
imran zada
natural beuty
Elray McRichards
Cool picture--but why is her shirt/dress out of focus when her face is crystal clear? Is the depth-of-field that critical there? Are those real freckles?
Karen Kurek
Awesome pic. Beautiful child! Thanks for sharing...
stefano bagni
Peggy Rogers
Love your picture.  Thanks for sharing.  I appreciate your notes on how you did it.
Kenneth Griffith
Best picture of Baobob tree I have ever seen---wanted to go back to it----could not
Hee Lee
Maria Christinna kinoshita
Linda !!  *(~_~)*
Maria Isabel Pérez Torrea
Lovely baby.....
Tekla Kurcxalia
lovely baby...
Ali Raza
nice girl
morgan graves
that gives me a headache, its is dizzy fying....
ray hilbolingo pueblo
lovely face,maybe same as manner
Family Chapel International
Nancy Nunez
Olivia B
That is slightly intimidating, I must say.
Olivia B
But cool. I like how it is black and white
otinus lokbere
<span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="https://plus.google.com/106084406870109493489" oid="106084406870109493489">Limeris Lopez</a></span> allo ap kbr
Francisco Santero
hay mucha profundidad y tristeza en esa mirada...       Excelente composición de foto.
Galia Koonyevsky
Your Daughter is BEAUTIFUL!
Lily S
So beautiful!!! Wish I was her!!!
Jasmine Lewis
soo horrible!!!<br />:~)<br />NOT!!!!!
Gema Ternero
linda carita
Gema Ternero
Nancy Nunez
Que niña tan fea y tan pecosa
Cinpsychic Clairvoyancy
the stars of life shines in her eyes.. exceptional!
alain caron
Alejandro Duran
Satyam Kay Hart
what a great portrait - wonderful !
Zñriita lillibeth Cepeda Serpa
maria sol Martin
T. Hernandez
Que hermosa!
Harjit Chopra
Eva Rodriguez
mu guapa
maria sol Martin
que fea quien es
Dina Christiaan
Văn Thống Hồ
hình đẹp quá
Văn Thống Hồ
Cảm ơn bạn đã aad nick của mình nhé.<br />Thank you for aad nick of yourselves.
Cat T.
A gorgeous photograph and an equally beautiful subject.
avorhom Rubin
<span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="https://plus.google.com/115216243032851987797" oid="115216243032851987797">angela ancona</a></span> whats up girl ? do you like partlying  too ?
Josiane Matey
Et maintenant en français.......quelle personnalité et quel charme ! ce qui change de nos filles plastiques qui se ressemblent toutes !!
Abbayo Muhammad
black and wt
abderrahmane oubella
fouad attar
on en a pariée il y a quelques mois.
mariamekeup souza
Josiane Matey
Me faut-il revenir sur la photo de 2012 ? Vraiment ? Qu’est-il devenu de cette fillette au charme singulier et inabituel......Je voudrais le savoir et la revoir .<br /><br /><br />Et puis , quel plaisir d’écrire dans l’inconnu . Ne rien savoir , ne rien connaître . et surtout ne rien attendre !<br /><br /><br />JM<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Gesendet von Windows Mail
fouad attar
elle doit avoir 3 bambins et je l&#39;espère.
autriche roumaissa
la rouquine &lt;3
Guilherme Hociko Costa
Casa comigo? ti amu, sempre te amei, sinto que nossa conexão é maior que nossas fronteiras &lt;3
allyster kian
Intenso, como la vida
Josiane Matey
Bonjour , je pense que nous avons des problèmes de langages.....Je peux correspondre en français et en allemand...Intensif..comme la vie ? C’est ce que je crois pouvoir traduire , et vous avez raison , cette photo est intensive<br /><br />comme la vie ! Bonne journée JM<br /><br /><br /><br />Gesendet von Windows Mail
Atchay Ola
maria sol Martin
weeehh que
Denise Merriman
I see a lil girl that is not going to be taking any crap off of any person now or ever again, and she is a warrior princess!!
Denise Merriman
Ivan nice to meet you.........like ur comedy thanks lmao!!
Denise Merriman
come visit me on my facebook page same name of course good day to u......r u also a fictional character? Thanks ~~~D
Josiane Matey
Que signifie : weeehh que ? JM<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Gesendet von Windows Mail
asia rockerLol
looks like my twin
Album: January 14, 2012
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