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"That would be Task #2 in this list. 1) Go get urself an ifttt account 2) Search Recipe for G+ | Twitter 3) Clone it 4) Test it 5) Done"
Neil Ferree
"OK, so how to I get a post on G+ to automatically tweet? You just got my attention LOL"
David Bruce Jr
"Surprise Obama only knows 23 people, he he"
Tim Capper
"Following is not an endorsement."
Courtney Engle Ro...
"Drift is caught ;-)

Yes, most of the time the Google+ search results seem pretty relevant, but there are these anomalies like the example above that keep me scratching my head.

In related news, my agency is working on a tool we'll be releasing soon (for free!) that attempts to link relevancy for a keyword in someone's Google+ posts with (potential) relevancy for regular Google search (now that the two are tied together more closely). We're using a publicly-released version of the same semantic analysis tool that Google uses, and scraping the most recent posts of the given G+ user and then also scraping the page content of the top ten search results for the given keyword in Google search results. We then do a semantic and statistical analysis that results in a relevancy score."
Mark Traphagen
"Go figure. I thought the Goog Algo should be able to assign a better "quality score" to a G+ profile based on the # of +1 adds || # of Circles and the whole 2 tier link wheel model? But its still better then the Pinterest archaic search algo, which is becoming quite vogue and potentially link wheel friendly if you catch my drift"
Neil Ferree
"Yeah I asked because I too am trying to sus out how the internal Google+ search rankings work. Sometimes they're very wacky. Take for instance the phrase "paid search advertising," which is on my profile. I currently rank organically #7. #1 is a "Michael David" who has a) no public posts and b) is only in the circles of 10 people. The only visible thing he has going for this keyword is that it is his title for his current employer. But still, what appears to be a totally inactive and low-followed profile ranks 6 spots above me?"
Mark Traphagen
"+Mark Traphagen Not 100% sure yet? Just tracking a few search phrases to see who lands at the top of the G+ SERPs organically and then filter for Best of and then like you mentioned, I visit their about page to inspect description/narrative and compare. Very non-SEOmoz scientific but have uncovered a few "OK I get it" routines that may be useful in the not too distant future."
Neil Ferree
"+Neil Ferree Are these logged in to Google or non-logged in results? Of course logging in will make everyone's results for a search different (personalization), but because of your post I checked non-logged-in (results a new user or someone checking out G+ is most likely to see) and found that I am indeed #4 for "content marketing," and also #1 for "social media consulting" and #16 for "social media marketing" - all keywords I have on my profile page."
Mark Traphagen