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"awesome pic ! saint RMS, patron saint of open source ;)"
Tim Smith
"噢~神呐 你的光圈怎么变光盘了?"
xiaohuan c
"Thanks for this. You came up in my "suggested" area top right, I amusingly noted "Folklore" and thought it was old stories, which I love, boy was I wrong. However, you look like a warm nice guy so I put you in my writers circle in honour of the novel you will write someday (maybe when I write mine). Cheers!!"
patricia murray
"M-X awesome-photo

No wait...

M-X GNU-awesome-photo"
Joseph Gosselin
Michael R. Bernstein
"RMS: Saint Ignatius!"
Hugo Angel
kari karisen
kari karisen
"To anyone interested in Dylan, Daniel Mark Epstein's recently published book: The Ballad of Bob Dylan is quite good. It is an interestingly constructed book with four sections from different eras of his career with a combination of biographical information and (non-pretentious) critical analysis. Each section is centered on a concert. One point of interest highlights Dylan's conflicts with Lanois during Time out of Mind sessions which led to Dylan becoming his own producer for subsequent albus."
bill keithler
""Palo Alto Ninjitsu" - never heard of it but will have to check it out."
CJ Cornell
"Oh I love it all :)

The Royal Kona staff did some really, really nice things for my wife and I on two separate trips. Both times we had no plans to stay there, but they got us out of some tough binds with great deals and tons of kindness. The second time we'd missed our flight out of Kona back to Seoul, and they really, really helped. So I love that place, ants and all. And the open-roof gardens are really cool."
Nicholas Rumas
"Well, we weren't staying there, just having dinner in Kona. We are based in Hawi where there are also ants, as well as wild pigs and geckos."
Joyce McClure
"There's nary an album produced by Daniel Lanois that doesn't rise to the top of my playlist...respect for his ear and sensibilities influences the most established artists and creates an unmistakble sound on all his productions."
Joshua Ziliak
"+Rip Rowan - Completely agree, Dylan and Lanois also worked great together on 'Oh Mercy' -"
Robert Whiting
"This is not only a terrific bunch of songs, but Daniel Lanois did amazing production on it."
Rip Rowan