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"Thank you for sharing. I will be better than new soon. At that point all people will have the option to be whole."
Lee Nelson
"+Lee Nelson I am more sympathetic to your situation than you can imagine. My beloved, now departed husband shattered his right heel due to a fall while putting screening around a swimming pool. He dropped straight down, 26 feet in to the empty pool, which was concrete. This was in the south, somewhat to the east of you, I think. Despite multiple surgeries, bone generators, all sorts of hardware, joint fusion in his ankle, he used to tell me that he was broken (he'd actually use the word "defective", it was so sad). Darrel saw himself, well people in general, as wonderfully designed bio-mechanical organisms. He was very good at repairing and redesigning malfunctions in the non-biological world. But nothing would make him like he was before his accident, and he couldn't live with that. I lost him, he left this world by his choice, I think. He was only 46 years of age. The accident also damaged and blinded him in his right eye, and he felt so much shame, even though he was such a handsome, good, kind husband. I miss him kjdfd a adlkjfk a lot. We were only married 3 short years, he passed on 19 Aug 2005. Lee: Be brave, be strong, do not despair. I know that my husband would have wanted to see your x-rays, shown you his. He always felt so alone in this. I'm sorry for your bone cancer at such a young age. Please be well. I've read your bio, your C.V. You've accomplished a great deal! Your family must love you and be very proud of you. Try not to get discouraged. You are a kind soul for trying to help others like this. Thank you."
Ellie Kesselman
Lee Nelson
"It was "cutting edge" at the time and it did the job. I now see it as low tech. The body of cells is much more advanced than titanium rods.

For me and other broken cyborgs, we await the emerging technologies of stem cell repair to make us whole again.

- or some sweet built in electro chemically powered robo joints -"
Lee Nelson
"That is super high-tech.."
Tom M
"It can show the breaking point."
Lee Nelson
"oh that will be very helpful for our project if we can explain anything useful using this...
can this software demonstrate material properties..?? i mean analyzing stress induced on each part etc.."
Salman Khimani
"If you want to model something the size of nanometers. It could show the interaction of a lubricant with a surface. Or maybe demonstrate materials properties."
Lee Nelson
"This is amazing..
I've worked on SolidWorks, AutoCAD so i found this one very interesting...Nanoengineer is a lot different from Solidworks but its toolbar is similar...
Do you think this can help me in my Mech. Engineering project...??"
Salman Khimani
"The software is Nanoengineer-1, an open source molecular mechanics CAD/simulator available at:

There is a google group at :

This picture is a nanocar and a DNA strand. This serves no functional purpose, but I think it looks interesting.

May I ask what is your interest in this type of software?"
Lee Nelson
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