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"Oh that's great!"
Vanessa Pinter
"Really nice photo - cosplayer looks great with such wicked personality!"
Vanessa Pinter
"Great color and detail, let alone, expressions. Not to pry, but did you use the 35mm prime the whole day? and how"
Will Hammer
"My God..!"
Giovani Oliveira
David McDonald
"+David McDonald Yuppers. :) I wanna get something with a newer image sensor, but nothing out there really speaks to me right now."
Andy Ihnatko
"Worth the itch!"
David de la O
"great to see ya BA"
John Riker
"Ah, still rocking' the D200 I see Andy. Damn fine camera, great tech + ergonomics - & built like a Panzer."
David McDonald
"This is the fantasy of Comicon.

Picture #2 is the reality."
Bryan O'Malley
"So awesome!"
Thea Prescod
"Loving the droid phone."
Dan Benjamin
"Jabba the Hut seems to have lost some weight..."
Mike Price
"it wouldnt be so bad but, the hair is just a major eww"
jonathan hanson
"This is truly inspired."
Dawn Banks