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"Thanks for the thorough explanation. I was just about to ask."
Raphael Baltuth
DAS Truth
"Oh my really!! well glad you didn't go sideways"
Alex Jimenez
"Yeah. But I saw somewhere that someone had the same upside down penguin, but I'm pretty sure he just copied me :/"
Kevin Kwok
"I like how it's still upside down, all just because someone else in Wave was using the penguin right side up :)"
Alex Jimenez
"This was actually too small for me to see in detail on Wave. I always thought it was some fractal shape.

That's just adorable."
Chester Moy
"For the first couple months as a pilot, I thought it was a gas mask. I actually laughed out loud when I realized my mistake."
Melanie Lucas
"It looks like a gas mask when its small (like next to your posts)... Only just now realised it was a penguin =)"
Tom Graham
"For those who are wondering if there's a little story to this image, or if I'm ever an old person who happens to forget these minute details of life. I basically think penguins are pretty cool, maybe after I saw Happy Feet or something. But I've always though penguins are sort of cool, and Linux was awesome before I even knew how to use it. It just had a penguin. Well, I found this cute penguin picture and decided to infringe on someone's copyright by using it as my profile pic. Then I discovered that someone else on Google Wave (which, for the potential future me which has no recollection of such forgotten strides of human innovation was this thing which probably preempted whatever futuristic post-singularity communication systems you have) had the same profile pic (not too strange, given that I picked this image out of the first or second pic for the query "penguin" on Google Images). So I decided that I need a new one, so I flipped it upside down using a very likely exceedingly feature complete image editor. I guess my pretext for this would be that penguins live in the south pole or something."
Kevin Kwok