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"definitely favorite - Drue..."
Drue Gawel
"This is the fourth drawing I did while testing out a paint app called Canvas on my phone. Kept running out of memory and crashing to desktop. Very cool app, though, with layers and opacity and everything! Once I started making smaller drawings, it started working without crashing. And now Google web albums isn't saving my captions, so in a comment it goes..."
Mark Chen
"Then I used amCharts, a Flash-based web app that grabs data from these text files and creates graphs on the fly. Took screenshots of these graphs and then pasted into PhotoShop to add the event markers and the notes/comments. Whew!"
Mark Chen
"I created another table in the database that has info about each Actor (Gender, Class, isLeader, Guild). Then I outputted new text files from queries that I ran on the database. For example, one text file just has DateTime grouped by minute and how many times things were said in each channel. (Each row looks kinda like: 20:07, 5, 6, 1, 3,...)"
Mark Chen
"The process is basically what I'm writing my paper about, actually... Essentially, I had all the chat that I saw in-game dumped to text files while I was playing (this is from 2.5 years ago). I edited the text files so that it was formatted in a way that could then be imported into a SQL database and/or Excel. Each night is one table in the database and has DateTime, ChatChannel, Actor, ChatContent as the fields, plus any Coding fields I added."
Mark Chen
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