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"sometimes the animations for the mouths don't play so it's just it feels like you're talking to a ventriloquist dummy"
Mark Chen
"The face acting isn't so great... she looks like a department store mannequin, but less expressive."
Aaron Hertzmann
"Again, light side choice."
Mark Chen
"Garthe's voice acting was perfect for this line. Very emotive and excited.
It added emphasis to the fact that the two characters' morality had suddenly switched."
Mark Chen
"I made the light side choice here but I don't really think it's so clear cut. Especially since as a Smuggler, I'm basically in it for the money, too. but whatever..."
Mark Chen
"Why is her face blurry but the silhouette of her profile sharp? That is some funky depth of field."
Aaron Hertzmann
"That sounds SO good!"
Sarah Henderson
"it was soooo delicious too!"
Cynthia D'Angelo
"what a treat!"
Mette Terp Høybye
"so jealous! :)"
Dixie Ching
"Here's the dim sum store front. Our guide pointed out that it's typical for dim sum restaurants to have newstands right out front since the older locals routine is to read a paper over dim sum."
Mark Chen
""Rice paper rolls" with bbq pork!"
Mark Chen
"Traditional cake."
Mark Chen
"I'd never seen this before, so we got it. Tofu skin, egg, and shrimp. Yum!"
Mark Chen
"My cousin's husband took us out to dim sum on Sunday. Nothing like getting a local to take you to a good spot. The total cost for four was only HK$160! We should've connected with him earlier in the week!"
Mark Chen
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