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"Did anyone notice the time this photo was shot?"
Caio Cesar
"Maybe a little bit but honestly, I don't think about it much anymore... So I guess not! I mean, the new studio is freakin awesome!"
Jason Howell
"Do you ever miss the cottage?"
Dan Stephenson
"So... it found you! After all that time waiting..."
Melvin Byrd
"Just to clarify: this is a review unit, I didn't buy it. See? Kind of the best of all worlds: review the Bionic till the Prime comes out. :) (probably can't keep it THAT long, but you know.)"
Jason Howell
"Review unit... didn't buy it. Will definitely talk it up on the next AAA"
Jason Howell
"Mehhhhhh If it was the Vigor or the Prime I would be OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG but nowmehhh"
Luis Camacho
"No you dinnah! :)"
Andrew N
"I have been plugging mine directly into the headphone jack in my car without any noise.. I get a little bit of alternator noise when I have it plugged into my car charger and nothing is playing.."
Doug Reynolds
"Congrats on finally getting a new phone! I'm thinking of getting the Sensation myself :)."
Sara Medina
"I think you'll win the Arena if you chose that one"
Jeff Fate
"Been there..done that.. already returned it for a replacement because it kept crashing. The new one seems to work great though.. The battery life isn't that great.."
Doug Reynolds
"Nice one."
Matthew Lyons
"The set is perfect, but yes Tom, Sarah and Iyaz want to take over the tech world. HAHAHHA"
Randy Lane Vander...
"Love this pic Jason... truly EPIC of the fade of Tom and just you... AMAZING!!!"
Randy Lane Vander...