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"+Brett Crosby This is a non-racist/white supremeist one. I'm very very sorry that I did not look at the site the picture was on last time. I hope you don't hold it against me and that you can forgive me for not looking at the actual site. Anyways without further ado here is the link. This one is from a Art history site from what I can tell. XD,r:23,s:0"
Nathan Buth
"Woops it was not intentional at all. I simply did a google image search of mayan jaguar statue and clicked the one i felt looked most similar to your picture. Sorry about that.XD. I could try to find another image if you'd like."
Nathan Buth
"+Nathan Buth That site is some sort of white power site. Not sure if that was intentional or not because there was kind of a similar image actually."
Brett Crosby
"here is a picture that is kind of similar,r:9,s:0"
Nathan Buth
"It looks like it is based off of Aztec/Mayan/oother South and central American civilizations. Looks like it is a jaguar to me."
Nathan Buth
"Hey +Jesse Brossa good to hear from you! Not sure what kind of birds, but I agree, the craftsmanship is impressive."
Brett Crosby
"Those are beautiful nests... wow... do you know what kind of birds made them? I like the insulating mud layer; couldn't have been easy..."
Jesse Brossa
"I only have the left most one. When did the other two come out?"
Karthik Nagaraj
"What are they?"
Liz Quilty
"Are these from Barnes and Noble or Urban Outfitters?"
Blake Bryant
"They're collectibles! So cool."
Kenneth Campbell
"OMG how cute!!!! I want!!!"
Carms Perez
"What is this? I want whatever is this box it's so cute"
Carms Perez
omer ahmed
"wow!!this is nice pictures!!"
Priccela Sougian
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