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"These president debates are making me sleepy."
George McQuade III
"Yes I took any on vacation. I have many more to post soon."
George McQuade III
"Thanks I am happy you like it."
George McQuade III
"wonderful and amazing! i like them very much, thanks your hardwork!"
obogift CN
"so beautiful photos, are these photos taken by yourself?"
obogift CN
George McQuade III
"Beautiful George!"
Yasmin Simpson
"Ohhh +George McQuade III, I am so sorry until today I read your nice message by accident, sorry sometimes when you don't get in "blue" the name is difficult to keep track of all the information.
Thank you very much for the complements and I checked already your page at Facebook, I'm delightful to know about all your credentials and all the work that you do in your company. Sorry about linkedIn I don't manage an account there.
So proud of all your succes path in the world... US Navy, Canadian like my husband :) and your wife from Argentina, love it!.
Tons of Blessings, all my best and will keep an eye in your facebook page. See you around ⚑"
Yasmin Simpson
"Your welcome. I was testing a lens and doing a little selective focus. Thx."
George McQuade III
"hi thanks for a beautiful flower"
Socheat Thea
George McQuade III
"Thanks, Yasmin. Your photography is awesome.
I was trained by the US Navy, and recognize professional work. I would be honored if you joined my and post your stuff there. And if you have time, I have a few film and photogs who have joined my private group on Linkedin.

Fyi, I was born in Newsfoundland, Canada, and used to visit Gas Town in Vancounver, BC on weekends while attending WWU in Bellingham, WA. Canada and part of Mexico are God's country. My wife is from
Argentina, and Bariloche is another great place to shoot pictures. Take care George."
George McQuade III
"beautiful car!!!!!!!!! really old school"
"Congratulations George!, really interesting your profile and what you do."
Yasmin Simpson
George McQuade III
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