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Manasseh Mwale
"The Day and Night postcard had very intriguing and well detailed steps to accomplish the postcard, but after completing the task it was well plan and quite easy. The overall goal of this lesson was to merge a day and night image into words, similar to the Clipping Mask lesson, just with two images. I used about the same tools as I did in the previous lesson, and my final project came out to look fine."
Warren Wright
"In the day and night postcard, the goal of the project was to made the night time of a certain place in text over the daytime. I used the clipped text tool and the text tool of course, as well as the warp tool. The most successful part of this project was when I matched up the dark perfectly with London in the daytime. This just made it look really cool in the end."
Jehan Saleh
"The goal of the Day/Night project was created a picture with two photo of the same place but one on the day and the other on the night. Then one as background and then the other within the word "Machupichu". the tool that I used in this project were Layer, cover layer. I also used other tools to make better the picture as effect in the words and some contrast. the most successful thing that I did was the effect with both the picture and the title."
Cesar Galan
"the goal was to understand photoshop and to know how to follow direction and use the tool correctly. we were editing 3 different types of photos, one is lightbrightness,dullcolor,and lowcontast. the goal was to edit these photos to make the better by using the tools in photoshop."
abdullah al-fuhaid