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"What shoes are those? Are they Lakes?"
Curtis Wenzel
"Wow. Those are really amazing! :)"
Pamela Englett
"I remember that movie and her radiating! That is very cool to have something you feel that way about! :)"
Pamela Englett
"There's a scene in the movie Stardust, where the pirate character played by Robert DeNiro tells The Star that she must be careful because when she's happy she begins to shine... and then shortly after she is dancing with the hero and she literally starts to radiate. That's how I feel sometimes when I dance and it's nice to almost see the glowing in a photo :-)"
Adella Wright
"That really is a wonderful, joyful, absorbed expression! :)"
Pamela Englett
"+Shinae Nae - I am so blown away that a photographer managed to catch exactly what I feel when I'm dancing! Usually they just catch really horrible scary faces :-)"
Adella Wright
"I LOVE your expression in this pic!"
Shinae Choi Robinson
"+Jake Johnson - my thoughts exactly!

+Emmanuel Cerisier - Behold The Candy Bar of the Apocalypse!!"
Adella Wright
Jake Johnson
"Choc' bar will self destruct on 21/12/2012 xx"
Emmanuel Cerisier
"+Lion Fisile, well growing up with Antlers, a girl learns a bit about taking on airs one way or another. +Jeffrey Gitelle - phew! I knew there was a reason I preferred Zagat's to any other guide!! So many ignore that basic question."
Adella Wright
"You're also modest. Good."
Lion Fisile
"Only sometimes... ;-)"
Adella Wright
Lion Fisile
"It is me. I usually hide my antlers under a hat, but for the holidays..."
Adella Wright