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"All in all I'd rather pay $12 for an inner tube when I really need it, than $3 after several frustrating hours with no working bike. Besides, most flats can be patched with a patch kit. I'm too lazy because I always have a $3 spare inner tube with me, but in a pinch..."
Markus Wandel
"You can have them geared any way you like. I have mine set up as mountain bike, so max out at about 45km/hr if pedaling. But you can have them set up as road bike, or as single speed, or, in Kevin's case, with a Rohloff Speedhub, which gives him 14 evenly spaced gears. Really, an Alfine 8 would give me all I need for bike touring, it's as much of a range as I have with my 3-7 setup."
Johanna Wandel
"I've always wondered how they gear those Bike Fridays high enough for full-speed road use (with those tiny wheels). I see what looks like a muti-speed hub in the removed rear wheel. So you get derailer + hub gearing for enough gear ratio? but the red bike's rear wheel looks like it has an ordinary hub in it. How fast can you go on these things when pedalling quickly? On my road bike I can hit about 50-55km/h (assuming favourable slope/wind conditions) before pedal cadence becomes excessive."
Markus Wandel
"Ich auch. Wenn auch manche fragen wuerden "und so einer nennt sich ein echter Deutscher?" ist bei mir doch, mangels Uebung, Bier nicht das ideale rehydration medium."
Markus Wandel
"Wemm Blanca >100km mit vielen Huegeln und dazu noch Gepaeck radelt, dann darf sie sich das Gruenzeug auch schenken. Ausserdem sollte sie wohl Biergaerten vermeiden."
Johanna Wandel
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