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"It's okay, +Scott M; I've forgotten the question."
Jennifer Linsky
"nice pic"
philip frimpong
"I can't figure out which one isn't you... :)"
Joel 'Senpai' Farris
"+S.M. Kelley HMM? NPCs?! What game?"
Matt C
"Had a huge crush on her back during Dracula: The Series. I think her jaw is too small though."
Matt C
"Always thought she was superfine, until she got too skinny. But she still looks good for sure."
Matt C
"sparkling Angel"
ihedoro john
"your face was beautiful. I hope you always remain beautiful from inside. I know it's tough for you. And I wish that you get over your problems (if any)!"
Anup Verma
"She is on my list as well, along with Kate Beckinsale, although this one ranks far higher than Kate on my list..."
Gerald Buhay
"I'm not saying that you are. I hope that you're friends with me because of my sparkling wit and child-like wonder at the world. However, your image of me is shaped by that image, and if I showed you my actual, current face, your image of me would be forever changed. Instead of being your friend with sparkling, child-like wit, I'd be your friend with the problem.

G+, and the internets in general, are where I go to not be the girl with the problem. Please respect that."
Jennifer Linsky
"None of them, actually. I have a chronic illness that makes me unsightly, and to the best of my knowledge, no one has taken a picture of me in this century.

If you look carefully, you can find a picture of a me from the previous century, however."
Jennifer Linsky
idris anday
"I live in my mother's basement."
Jennifer Linsky
"where ru living?"
Michael Syrjälä
"hehehe i see"
Michael Syrjälä