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"#meteora  ? Been there. Hiked for two days. That was amazing!"
Vilius Kraujutis
Jean-Baptiste Quéru
Jean-Baptiste Quéru
Jean-Baptiste Quéru
"I saw this cloverleaf on an iPhone...the blimp crashed like a zeppelin and melted the road!"
James Helgesen
Josip Zeljko
"Moi aussi...
A ce moment là, l'infiniment grand se rapproche de l'infiniment petit. Et cela, au fond, nous invite à méditer notre place en tant qu'observateur, en tant qu'être humain.
David Alain
"+Flam Flamme - Oui, j'aime bien faire des photos d'architecture, surtout avec un téléobjectif qui permet d'isoler les details et de montrer des textures et des alignements.

Yes, I like to make architecture pictures, especially with a telephoto which allows to isolate details and to show textures and alignments."
Jean-Baptiste Quéru
"Beautiful picture and thanks heaven the Eiffel tower was built with a tiny bit more durability in mind ;-)"
Zaid El-Hoiydi
"On aime l'architecture ? ;-)"
David Alain
"Heureusement, il reste des
David Alain
"Thank you :)"
Jean-Baptiste Quéru
"+Karl Smith - I've stayed in Oakdale on the way there (leaving in the evening after work). I've stayed in Mariposa to reach the valley or Hetch Hetchy, in Mammoth Lakes to reach the Tuolumne Meadows (coming from 395, with Bodie and Mono Lake along the way). I've also stayed in Oakhurst or Visalia when going from Yosemite to Sequoia. Yosemite is also a possible day trip (I plan for 3h45 each way between my home on the SF peninsula and Yosemite Village, when driving somewhat aggressively and when the traffic is smooth)

+Ben Collins-Sussman - Yup, 17mm on a 5D. I was really lucky to get those clouds on an otherwise sunny summer day."
Jean-Baptiste Quéru
"Seriously wide lens! Nice."
Ben Collins-Sussman
"It's so beautiful up there. I'm blessed to be within a hour and a half of Yosemite, but still don't get there enough."
Paul Shively