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"wow, so beautiful"
Maria Hodel
"Thank you, +Royce Bair! It's tough, but on the rare occasion, you can find some decent skies around here : ) "
Jack Fusco
"Pretty good night sky for New Jersey! I've added you to my "Night Photographers" circle. Astro-landscapes are a favorite subject in my "Into-The-Night" blog:"
Royce Bair
"The sigh is a crazy juxtaposition on this scene's serenity... nice find!"
Matt Adcock
"Thank you everyone!"
Jack Fusco
"Whats even cooler is that with the laptop screen the beam looks like its vacillating back and forth"
Tracie carter hans
"Great Shot Jack !! How were you able to lite te posts so far out ?? The photo is Great but concept is even better , Nice thinking"
Aj Gally
Jack Fusco
"Thank you +Jack Fusco - I'm honored but your work shows vision and skills. I really like the dark tones in the pier with all details still visible. The white water is such a great contrast. A beautiful image."
Joel Tjintjelaar
"A special thank you to +Joel Tjintjelaar His work is truly inspirational. I'm very much looking forward to the full workshops he'll be offering. #bwfineartle #PlusPhotoExtract"
Jack Fusco
"I took this photo while hiding myself and the camera under an umbrella during a brief period of heavy rain in Ocean City, NJ.
Jack Fusco
"This shot comes from Barnegat Light, NJ. It is part 3 of the an on going mini-series I've been working on entitled "Rest"

#PlusPhotoExtract #BWFineArtLE"
Jack Fusco