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"And running jokes."
Jonathon Barton
Erin Joiner
"P. S. +Erin Joiner smells like rainbows. And puppies. And kittens. And unicorns."
Jonathon Barton
Erin Joiner
"Aww, come on. You know you can't be mad. At least at me... (sad putim)"
Zac Hastings
"Oh my gawd"
Elston Garrison
"Addendum: There is, in fact, reasoning behind my preference of camel case to underscores. Two years after you create a database, it can be really really difficult to remember just how you split a word sometimes.

However, if you camelcase and your DBMS isn't case sensitive, then it doesn't really matter how you capitalize it.

This is, of course, assuming that your DBMS isn't case sensitive. And you're too lazy to just look up what you named it."
Samuel Phelps
"Boo for underscores in field names XD

Samuel Phelps
"So my next two questions are: How do I set this up so that it's easy to select the applicable genres AND how do I link this back to the main table?"
Sharon T Rose
"Ahh. That makes sense."
Sharon T Rose
Nicholette Golesh
"Nah, I'm trapped here by my job. The drive home will be...interesting, that's for sure.

I posted a picture of the radar up above, too. Bright red, no purple whew

I'm so glad I didn't give in to the urge (that I've been SO good about fighting this week) to ride the motorcycle to work."
Jonathon Barton
"This is the 8th consecutive day of this weather, FWIW."
Jonathon Barton
"I always thought that tornados weren't something you should watch for, exactly...
The rain is here now, and there's a shear and microburst alert on the runways we're using. Hoo-ray."
Jonathon Barton