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"No shuttle to live oak ... no way would I do that commute."
Joel Headley
"Joel- that might be true for our neighborhood, too :) is there a google shuttle up to Live Oak?"
Laura Headley
"Totally! We have a new law in effect for next year, and then we should have our neighborhood back! So, spring time??"
Amanda Eccles
"But you and your parents are the only non-potheads in your neighborhood, right?"
Joel Headley
"So tempting!!!!! Too bad we are not closer!!! Hey, the house across the street is empty!!!"
Amanda Eccles
"That's ok, there are about 4 aspects of my costume that are unique to me. I chose to be a british, roadbiking (the shirt is from Lance Armstrong's bike shop in Austin) pirate who has possibly (judging by the look on my face) had some morning moonshine. In the theatre we're taught to go big, y'know?"
Helen Laroche
"this is so great. Helen, none of us got the british pirate memo."
Marcheta Kay Mars...
"Check out the angry android in the upper right-hand corner. It's saying "Curses! I'll get you next time, sailors!""
Helen Laroche
"Gestures of Chinese Monkey King"
Jack Yang
"Joel these family ones are great! Love it! Can you please send me the one of me on the pole?"
Korynne H
"Thanks Troy!"
Joel Headley
"Numero Uno is Numero Uno"
Troy Snell
Joel Headley
"Very clear and detailed background. I also like the coloring of the focal point."
Jordan Headley
"Yeah, I was using Picnik. It has the eye dropper thing. I think I added some blue back. Maybe it was the sudden contrast. "
Joel Headley
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